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TESDA launches online application
The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has launched its online application for those who are interested to avail of its scholarship programs under the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).
"Applying for a TESDA scholarship online is now a 5-10 minute procedure. We have tried our best to make it as convenient and hassle-free.There is now no reason why anyone cannot avail of free tech-voc training and enjoy the opportunities that it will bring,"said TESDA Director General Secretary Guiling "Gene" Mamondiong.
Mamondiong said that courses available include Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP), Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) and Special Training for Employment Program (STEP).
Mamondiong said that the new form will make it quicker an easier for applicants to avail of the scholarships.
It's easy: Applicants should visit the TESDA website ( or Barangay) or by clicking the Online Application sites icon.
Then the applicant will receive a confirmation via e-mail with a Learner's ID or click the "barangay kasanayan para sa kabuhayan at kapayapan.
Mamondiong said that the aspirant should submit the application form to the respective TESDA Provincial Offices. 
Once the applicant has chosen the preferred technical vocational course, the application form will be forwarded to the Technological Institutions or private-owned TVET provider.
After the application has been processed at the TESDA Provincial Office, the aspirant will receive an email containing an information as to the date of training and venue of training institution.
Applicants may also choose their preferred language when applying online. It could be in English, Pilipino, Visaya and Ilocano.
The online application is one of the programs under the Reform and Development Agenda of TESDA which was created to make sure that scholarship application is a lot easier.
Based on TESDA record, up to 10,543,440 have finished TVET from institutional training programs, enterprise-based programs and online programs from 2010 to mid-2016.
TESDA has infused P11 billion in its TVET scholarship program that already benefited 1.2 million graduates.
Some 65.4 percent of TVET graduates had jobs based on TESDA records from 2005 up to the present. END