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Program for TESDA alumni strengthened
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Director General, Secretary Guiling "Gene" Mamondiong has vowed to upgrade the skills of TESDA graduates through training and scholarship program of the agency.
The program is embodied in the 17-point Reform and Development Agenda of TESDA for the succeeding years. 
"As part of lifelong learning and continuing skills enhancement of the workforce, skills training programs shall also be made available to TESDA's alumni or the previous recipient of TESDA training and scholarship programs, " according to the 17-point Reform and Development Agenda.
Mamondiong said that the objective of the program is to strengthen the qualifications of Filipino workers and ensure that they are able to take on jobs requiring updated knowledge and skills.
TESDA graduates who want to avail of the program can go to the nearest provincial and regional office for details.
In this way, TESDA will also be able to establish communication links with its graduates, immediately inform them of any job opportunities for skilled workers which may suit their qualifications, and possibly supplement their income.
Apart from the Continuing Program for TESDA Alumni, other programs in the 17-point Reform and Development Agenda are the Barangay-based Scholarship Program; On-line Scholarship Application; Walk-in Scholarship Application; Technical Audit of TVET Schools and Programs; Skills Training for Drug Dependents; Skills Training for Entrepreneurs and Family Enterprises; Skills Training for Inmates abd their Families; OFW's Reintegration; Special Skills Program for the Indigenous People; Expanded Training Program for Women and PWDs; Global Access to/On-line Database of TVET Graduates and Certified Skilled Workers; Strengthen Linkages with the Agro-Industrial Sector; Strengthen Linkages with Foreign Skills Training/Funding Institutions; Linkages with State Universities and Colleges(SUCs) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs); Transparency; Moral Renewal.
"This is aimed to further improve the technical competence and excellence of the Filipino trained workers and keep them abreast with modern technologies for them to upgrade their skills', said Mamondiong. END