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   - Center-based Skills Trainings for the Out-of-School Youths (OSYs)
   - Skills Trainings for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
   - Development of Training Regulations
   - Mainstreaming PhotoVoltaic Technology Trainings
   - Setting up Renewable Energy (solar power) training facility at the RMDC
   - Training on Basic Computer Skills for Madaris Administrators and Finance Officers
   - Center-based Skills Trainings for the Out-of-School Youths (OSYs)
   - Joint Programme on Youth Employment and Migration (JP-YEM) TechVoc and Entrepreneurship
   - Provision of Training Equipment (Milling Machine) at the RMDC
1. Concerned Alliance of Professionals and Students, Inc. (CAPSI)

2. Centre for Moro Indigenous Peoples Advancement, Inc. (CEMIPAI)
3. ChildFund, Inc. (CFI) formerly known as CCF
4. Nagdilaab Foundation, Inc. (NFI) 
1. Technology Livelihood Development Center (TLDC)

2. Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)
3. Synergeia Foundation

4. Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao-Lanao Young Educators Civic Alliance for Progress (BEAM-LYECAP)

5. Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM-DEP-ED)

6. Mindanao Allied Forces Incorporated (MAFI)

7. Hja. Morimona S.P Sangcopan Panantaon Institute of Technology (HMSPSIT)

8. Alpha Phi Omega-Capitol Integrated Alumni Association (APO-CIAA)

9. Maranao People Development Center (MARADECA)

10. Al-Mujadillah Development Foundation, Inc.

11. International Monitoring Team (IMT)

12. Bolawan Bae Frequency 142.850
13. Siyap ko Pagtao Multi-Purpose Cooperative Training Center

14. United Youth for Peace and Development UNYPAD Ranao
2. Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)

3. Ittihadun-Nisa Foundation (INFO), Inc.

4. Makamangon Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MMPC)
6. Central Mindanao Integrated Livelihood Assistance and Resource Development Foundation, Inc. (CEMILARDEF)
7. Kadtabanga Foundation for Peace and Development Advocates, Inc. (KFPDAI)
8. Kapagawida Development Services Association, Inc. (KDSAI)
10. Maguindanao Development Catalyts (MaDeCa)
11. Development Youth Movement Assembly in Mindanao (DYMAM)
12. Bangsamoro Center for Empowerment and Governance, Inc. (BCEGI)
13. Bangsamoro Development Multi Purpose Cooperative (BDMPC)

14. Alliance of Bangsamoro for Peace and Sustainable Development, Inc. (ABPSDI)
15. Bangsamoro Women Economic and Industrial Development Cooperative (BaWEIDC)
16. United Youth of the Philippines (UNYPHIL)
17. Mothers Group of Home Economics Development (MGHED)
18. Manabang Lake Multi Purpose Cooperative (MLMPC)
19. Mantana Development Program, Inc. (MDPI)
20. Talaynged Foundation, Inc. (TFI)
21. Integrated Mindanawan Association for Natives, Inc. (IMAN)
22. Cabuan Professionals, Ulama and Farmers Association (CPUFA)
23. Ibn Taymiyyah Foundation Academy (ITFA)
24. Parang National High School
25. Darul Umuma
26. Jummeeyah Dar-Al Khairie, Inc. (JDA)
27. Al-Muwatineen Humanitarian Services, Inc. (AHSI)
28. MSU-College of Fisheries (MSU)
29. DepEd Alternative Learning System
31. 603rd Infantry Brigade
1. Community & Family Services International (CFSI)
2. Integrated Mindanao Association for Natives, Inc. (IMAN)

3. Mindanao Dynamic Culture of Peace, Inc. (MiDCoP)
4. Maguindanao Ligawasan Handicrafts
5. Saad school for Dressmaking (SSD)
6. Save the Children Federation
7. Synergeia Foundation, Inc.
8. Women's Innitiative Human Dev't Association (WIHDA)

1. Integrated Resource Development for tri-people (IRDT)
2. Kalimayan Family Life Center (KLFC)

3. Nihmat Foundation

4. Save the Children
5. Social Action Center (SAC)
6. Synergeia
1. Consuelo Foundation

4. Parsipatory Reform Justice Education & Community Transpormation Inc.

5. Philippine Dev't Assistance Programme
6. Qudwaatu Nisah Inc.
7. Shell Solar
8. Tawi-Tawi Family Life Fund
9. Tawi-Tawi Tourism Council
10. Tawi-Tawi Chamber of Commerce Inc.